The clamour for Kishore

November 17 2015

It is said that Amit Shah had a big role to play in ousting Prashant Kishore from Modi durbar; it is the same Prashant Kishore who was once considered to be extremely close to Narendra Modi, and was an ace at devising election strategies. He has a significant part to play in Modi’s landslide win in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Sources say that after playing a role in such as historic win after 14 years, Kishore was expecting to be rewarded and wanted a role in the then-newly formed Niti Aayog. But just then Shah emerged on the horizon and Kishore was relegated to the wings from the Modi durbar. So just like Chanakya with his hair open and splayed, he made an entry into Nitish camp with the pledge that he will make Shah bite dust, and even succeeded in it. After the Bihar win, Prashant Kishore’s clout in political circles has increased. This Sunday, not only did he meet Arun Shourie, it is believed that he also had a secret meeting with Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. It is said that regional satraps such as Mamata Banerjee and Naveen Pattanaik have also sent requests to meet Prashant Kishore. At the same time, Prashant has already promised Nitish Kumar that in the coming Lok Sabha elections in 2019, he will devise strategies to have Nitish Kumar as the prime ministerial candidate. On the other hand, promises have been made from Nitish’s side that he will send Kishore to the Rajya Sabha from the JD (U) quota. It is definitely Acchey Din for Prashant Kishore.

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