The changing faces

April 26 2015

The mystery of Gajendra Singh’s suicide, the farmer from Dausa in Rajasthan, who died during the Aam Aadmi Party’s rally in Jantar Mantar is becoming more complicated. There is no political clarity on whether Manish Sisodia had really called Gajendra Singh over the phone and asked him to come to Delhi. After all, Gajendra wasn’t one of those farmers whose crop had been completely ruined. He had 15 bighas of land, and a four-room pucca house in his village. He was an expert at tying turbans, and had tied one on Bill Clinton to Atal Bihar Vajpayee. Sources reveal that he would accept the job of tying turbans for weddings and special occasions and would charge anything up to Rs 500 to tie one. He had been a part of political parties such as the SP, Congress, and BJP, and had even contested elections on an SP ticket about a decade ago. Sources also say that he had come in contact with AAP only a year ago and had decided to join the party. If these sources are to be believed, AAP politicians knew about his quirk for climbing trees and they too were considering it nothing more than a publicity stunt. When Gajendra tied a towel around his neck, one of his legs was balanced on a small branch, with accidentally slipped and the towel became a noose of death around his neck.

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