The broom sweeps over all in Punjab

September 18 2016

Despite all the challenges and opposition, Aam Aadmi Party seems to be growing stronger in Punjab. A proof of this could be seen at Kejriwal’s Moga rally, which people attended in lakhs despite restrictions by the state government and administration. And this despite the fact that the Congress had organized a car and bike rally on the same day, but only a handful of people attended it. The Badal family allegedly pulled up the schools that supplied its school buses for the rally, despite being told not to do so. When a group of journalists from Delhi was returning after covering the Moga rally, they met an entourage of 30-40 bike riders, who had the Congress flags on their bikes. Then they found out that these bike riders are supporters of former Education Minister Darshan Singh Barar. The journalists wanted to know from them what would happen in Punjab. They all said in unison, “The Congress will form the government this time.” The next question was, “Why has Barar been losing the elections since the past two times?” They were then told that with great cleverness, the Badal family would contest a Congress rebel against him each time, but that this would not happen this time. That is because the Badals are more worried about trying to save their land. The youngsters then asked the journalists to stop for a while so that they could all party-sharty together. One journalist wanted to know who was throwing the party. “Who else but Mr Barar,” came the reply.

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