The broken dreams of ‘Sushasan Babu’

April 02 2018

Flames of hatred seem to be flaring as ‘Sushasan Babu’ (Nitish Kumar) is steadily losing the hold of his throne. His ‘power to reign’ dreams are proceeding towards a dead-end and his ministers, too, are emanating fire through their bitter words. Sources say that Nitish is now concerned over his slipping pride. He is unsure whether this BJP-companionship is an enduring one or not. If sources are to be believed, Nitish has made up his mind to back-out from the BJP alliance and is waiting for the right time to make the move.
Nitish has once again returned to the backward classes for his vote bank. In the meantime, his top-secret meeting with Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan seems like giving wings to his separation plan. First, the Vidhan Parishad membership to Paswan’s brother Pashupati Paras, and then his crowning as a minister in the JD-U government, Nitish’s decisions had a futuristic approach.
Nitish’s BJP-connection Sushil Modi is good for nothing when it comes to speaking up to the Modi-Shah duo. One of Nitish’s close-aides says, “We realised the value of Sushil Modi, in the BJP, the very day when a list of four names was sent across to Amit Shah for the Rajya Sabha in 2016. The first name on the list was that of Sushil Modi and the last of Gopal Narayan. Shah struck off the name of Sushil Modi and instead wrote Narayan’s name in place and brought him to the Rajya Sabha.”
The Nitish-BJP friendship is also being tested on the back of the upcoming 2019 General Elections. There was a time when BJP was JD-U’s junior partner. JD-U used to contest its candidates on 25 out of the 40 seats in the state and leave the remaining 15 for BJP. But gone are those days, and with the changing tide of politics, BJP is of the notion to spare mere 8-10 seats for Nitish, for which the latter is not agreeing. Instead, Nitish would rather prefer joining hands with Ram Vilas Paswan’s party.
On the other hand, BJP does not want to lose Nitish at any cost. So, all possible ways are being tested in the interest of Nitish.

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