The Adani link too costly for Kamal Nath

June 07 2014

Now Priyanka has a big role to play in big decisions taken by the Congress party. It was because of Priyanka that Kamal Nath just missed becoming the leader of Opposition in the Parliament. The Gandhi family is a tad suspicious of Kamal Nath’s good relations with Gautam Adani. They are of the opinion that Adani may become a big link between Kamal Nath and Modi, which would have made it easier for the BJP to conduct business in the Parliament if Kamal Nath was heading the Opposition. So Priyanka first considered Captain Amarinder Singh’s name, but it is believed that he was not ready to give so much time to the Parliament and thus the name of a Dalit leaders, Mallikarjun Kharge was put forward. It is said that Priyanka herself spoke to Kamal Nath and assured him of a better role when the party next comes into power. This shows that the Gandhi family somehow sensed the possibility of a connection between Kamal Nath and Modi.

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