Thackeray and Modi

July 05 2015

The winds here whisper of his existence, and its knocks on doors and windows call out his name, all you need is ears to listen. Ever since Lalit Modi has grabbed headlines, politicians visiting London from India are trying to avoid meeting him. A few days ago, Pankaja Munde, Rahul-Priyanka and Robert Vadra, Vasundhara’s son and Parliamentarian Dushyant Singh, Smriti Irani (who was in London with her husband and children), none of them showed an interest in making Lalit Modi. If we talk about prominent political figures, the last one to meet Lalit Modi was Uddhav Thackeray, his wife Rashmi Thackeray and son Aditya Thackeray. The Thackeray family had dinner with Lalit Modi at the London’s famous restaurant Coya, which is famous for its Peruvian food.

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