Telangana elections may be held ahead of time

March 15 2023

Telangana Chief Minister KCR wants to expand his party at the national level and he is also visiting different states and is also in constant contact with non-BJP satraps as he wants to ‘be a part of the opposition unity’ and emerged as a major pivot.’ KCR is also well aware that there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people of his state about his new rise on the national stage. Sources reveal that KCR’s personal astrologer has advised him that ‘if he conducts early elections in the state, he can come back to power ‘with a bang’. September 2023 is said to be the most favorable time for the elections, while the tenure of the current assembly is till January 16, 2024. It is said that following the advice of astrologers, KCR called a meeting of his special loyalists and said, ‘You people should start preparing for the elections ahead of time.’

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