Tamil Nadu: Star-studded contests

November 07 2017

Given that films stars find a ‘purposeful’ way of staying on the limelight in their dusk years, the Tamil Nadu polls are coming up as a sizzler, with three superstars baring their ambitions.
First, the ‘ageless miracle’ Rajinikanth. He is clearly siding with the saffronites and his upcoming films are showing that sort of content. In fact, a recent report of the Intelligence Bureau says that he stands out in the public imagination as the CM candidate above his two serious detractors, Kamal Haasan and Vijay.
Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have shared a love-hate-love relationship. The credit for bringing Rajinikanth to Tamil films undoubtedly goes to the latter, and yet, after a while there came up a serious animosity. However, it is learnt that the two old friends have once again made up. Kamal Haasan is the second most popular film star in Tamil Nadu. He is clearly opposed to saffron politics. He is committed to mass movement leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and his stance is anti-establishment. Kamal Haasan has been a vociferous activist on environmental issues and his anti-BJP stance has won him the support of the state’s youth, as well as another fabled film actor-director-producer Prakash Raj. The latter has been gunning for the BJP over myriad issues, including the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, rising intolerance in Indian politics and moral policing. But the third major figure who can turn the tides is actor Vijay, whose recent film Mersal has clearly taken on the Modi government on demonetisation and GST. This is why the government wanted the film to be taken off theatres, but despite that the film has already done business worth more than Rs 200 crore. Vijay has been in films since 1984 and at the same time, he has been very vocal on issues like Image result for Jallikattu, farmer suicides and the scam on medical entrance tests. He has been an avid supporter of Anna Hazare and had set sail for Delhi to join him in his anti-corruption movement. Vijay is extremely popular with the states youth and has thus thrown open the question of who will be the next CM of Tamil Nadu.

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