Tale of two Sinha’s

December 29 2014

Compared to his predecessor, the new Director of CBI Anil Sinha is considered to be far more honest and has a cleaner image. During Rajiv Gandhi’s reign, he has also been the head of the SPG. Due to this, he has good relations with the Gandhi family as well as the Congress. As an additional secretary of CBI, his work record was pretty good. He had a great relation with former CBI director Ranjit Sinha as well.Both are from Bihar cadre, are Kayastha and maybe that is the reason Anil Sinha let Ranjit Sinha stay for eight months at the bungalow allotted to him as CBI director. And while Anil Sinha has never courted controversy, Ranjit Sinha has always attracted something or the other that is controversial. For instance, he had dismissed the 250-page report on the 2G case in just six lines. Mukul Rohatgi had kicked up a big fuss about it and the matter had to be dealt with by the court. And because the then telecom minister Maran is being named in the report, Maran allegedly took care of the matter by paying off Ranjit Sinha. The information about this was given by Maran to the then TRAI Chairman Nirpendra Mishra. Sources also say that a CD and audio tape related to Ranjit Sinha was doing the rounds in the political corridors. Maybe that is the reason that while Amit Shah had proposed the name of Ranjit Sinha as Lieutenant governor of Delhi, but Arun Jaitley did not agree with this and Shah had to put this matter on the backburner.

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