Sweeping out Gandhis

August 08 2017

The BJP bosses have already started their work in Amethi-Raebareli. Mahendra Singh, a minister in the Yogi sarkar in Uttar Pradesh has been asked to take full charge of the constituency. It is learnt that the Centre is soon going to flood the area with some major developmental projects. The roads and canals there are being worked on. A team of ministers have been asked to work on these. BJP insiders confide also that the party is looking for a local ‘face’ for the constituency. It is for this that party boss Amit Shah recently met Raja Sanjay Singh and his wife. The Raja is still in Congress but is reportedly unhappy. It is entirely possible that he will quit his party and pose a huge challenge to Rahul Gandhi from Amethi. At the same time, in Raebareli, the preparations are to oust Aditi Singh, the daughter of criminal don Akhilesh Singh, who is the Congress MLA. So along with Congress, the BJP is hell bent on clearing out the Gandhi family as well.

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