How did Keshari Nath get to Bengal?

July 26 2014

Master strategist of saffron politics and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh get along with the biggies from several spheres and Mamata Banerjee is one of them and often times, he has even helped her in different ways. When the name of a governor was being finalized for West Bengal, Rajnath had thought of Vijay Kumar Malhotra from his own side. Constitutionally, it is not necessary to consult with the state’s chief minister before appointing the governor there and only the information of the same needs to be sent. So when Rajnath Singh wanted to speak to Mamata Didi about this, she was on leave. Several messages were left at her office but there was no reply from there. Didi is in a habit of changing her mobile number every once in a while. When a person who is close to her and is in Delhi was contacted and he asked Didi to call back Rajnath. Didi immediately asked, “Has Malhotra ji’s name been finalized yet?” Rajnath showed a little politeness and said, “If it was finalized, why would you have been asked the same?” Didi asked, “Do you have any other names?” It was then that Rajnath Singh gave Keshari Nath Tripathi’s name and also added, “He is an efficient man, knows the Constitution well, has been a Speaker of UP assembly and has written several books.” Didi said, “Give me 10 minutes, I’ll get back to you.” Didi asked her sources and they told her that although he cannot be Gopal Gandhi, but he’s all right. And then Didi gave her consent.

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