Sushma or Rajnath?

November 20 2012

The search is on for a new BJP president on a war footing. After Gadkari completes his tenure as party president, the BJP will get a new chief under the guidance of Sangh. For now, the Sangh is mulling over two names – Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh. The person who will be chosen as the party president will be done while keeping in mind that under the leadership of this person, the BJP reaches its logical place in the decisive Lok Sabha elections. Sangh’s top leadership is divided when it comes to Sushma and Rajnath Singh. One camp is calling Rajnath the ideal choice and is pushing his name forward with the reason that he has a rural image and is totally dedicated to the Sangh. On the other hand, the other camp believes that Singh doesn’t have any decisive qualities and charismatic personality that might help the party win the elections; Sushma Swaraj has a mass appeal that is unparalleled. She is a woman, is a better orator and has great leadership qualities. But the question between Sushma and Rajnath still remains.

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