Sunanda was worried about her son

January 19 2014

Minister of State for Human Resources Development Shashi Tharoor will find his political road ahead to be tough. There is a lot of talk and whispers about his wife Sunanda’s sudden and shocking death. Sources say that the Tharoor couple was going through a rocky patch for some time now and informed sources say that Sunanda was not only worried about Tharoor new romance brewing but was also concerned about the future of her son from her previous marriage. Sunanda was getting constant news that her young son who lives in the UAE was afflicted by a lot of vices and bad habits. There was talk of her son becoming a drug addict. It is said that Sunanda had spoken about it to several of her friends and that she needed a big sum of money to help her son settle down. She wanted to start a business for her son but didn’t know where to get the funds from.

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