Sunanda and Tarar’s tug-of-war

January 19 2014

Sources say that Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor’s married life was on the brink of breaking down. There was news about new clashes every day; Sunanda was also pretty worked up about her husband’s relations with a Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar. Things had come to such a point that the war of words had extended to social media and Twitter had become the battleground. The Twitter handle was being used as a way to throw grenades at each other. To take a leaf out of the verbal spat between the two, here’s an instance, “The blonde’s aqal is lower than her grammer and English spelling.” Maybe that is the reason Sunanda met one of the journalists she is close to and had said, “I will reveal the secret just before the elections that will be enough to finish Shashi’s political career.” Sources confirmed that Tharoor’s view on this was that once he wins the elections, he will file for a divorce petition. But looks like destiny had something else in mind. Indian investigative agencies are, in any case, pretty concerned about Mehr Tarar’s so called links to the ISI and is looking at Sunanda’s death from that angle .

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