Suit Didn’t Suit

January 29 2017

Usually reliable sources tell us that Delhi’s top business tycoon had some time ago invited an all-powerful minister in the Modi cabinet for lunch. They tell us also that the lunch was a sumptuous affair. And over silverware the tycoon told the all-powerful: “We have always been supporters of BJP and are ready to help any time. In fact, we have spent heavily on the party. But sadly, every time, our family’s name is linked to that of the Gandhi family. We just have a family relationship with them, not a business relationship. So why don’t you explain this to PM saab and see that I get an appointment with him?” Smiling coyly, all-powerful said: “I know you own several malls in the capital, and you are aware that Modiji is very fond of designer suits. I suggest you first purchase some top class designer suits and present him with those. As for his measurements, call his Ahmadabad home. You will get them.” And with that, all-powerful left the mansion. So the hunt was on and after a week or so, tycoon had purchased a few dozen suits. Then he called up PM’s residence and sought an appointment. The man on the other side asked: “Why do you need the appointment?” Tycoon explained that he merely wanted to gift Modiji with some designer suits. The voice across the line shot back: “But why, it were people like you who used to say that Modiji changes his dress four or five times a day, that he is running a suit-boot ka sarkar. And now you want to gift him designer suits?” The line went dead. Clearly, all-powerful’s advice did not at all suit tycoon!

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