Split Diwali for Yadavs

November 06 2016

This was the first time that the ‘Yaduvanshi’ chief Mulayam Singh’s family did not celebrate Diwali together in their native village Saifai. Mulayam celebrated with his younger son Pratik – from his second wife, the latter said to be Akhilesh’s bête noire ‑ at his Vikramaditya Road house in Lucknow. Akhilesh had no scheduled programme in Saifai but he took off for his native village to be with his uncle Ram Gopal. There, Shivpal’s supporters had a different kind of fireworks for the CM: black flags. Naturally, Akhilesh’s supporters did not exactly respond with roses! Next morning, Akhilesh took off for Lucknow, where he celebrated Diwali with his wife and children but did not visit father Mulayam. Ram Gopal remained in Saifai and did not meet many people.

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