Spandana’s Rahul connect

May 14 2018

Rahul Gandhi may have publicly well maintained a distance from Congress’ IT-cell head Divya Spandana, who is credited with taking Congress to new heights on Social Media, but sources tell that the Congress president till date has full trust over her and never overlooks any of her requests.
Trusted sources tell that a weak ahead of the Karnataka elections, a big-shot industrialist of the state, who owns a huge liquor empire, was interested in putting his money to the party’s funds. Somebody introduced him to Divya. He told her that he doesn’t want to hand over this money to Siddaramaiah because he never listens to anyone. He expressed his willingness to passage the amount to Sonia Gandhi via Ahmad Patel. On this, Divya suggested that wy is he taking the long route when he can directly land his money into Congress’ funds via none other than the party president himself. The industrialist nodded along.
That night Rahul Gandhi was staying at a Bengaluru hotel where Divya, without any hurdels, directly reached him along with the industrialist. Not making any claims, but there is a very thin line between proximity and convenience when it comes to relations.

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