Sounds of dissonance in the Congress

June 15 2014

Defeat writes whole new political chapter. With mere 44 seats in the Parliament, the Congress is finding it tough to control its satraps. Those discontent with the party are showing signs of revolt; for instance, Maharashtra’s Narayan Rane had hoped that he will be made the CM instead of Chavan. But after the Congress high command trashed his wishes, he seems to be showing signs of discontent and his exercises to desert the party have only increased. There is major discontent with the party in Assam, too, and there might be a split anytime. Several veteran party leaders in Uttarakhand and Haryana are desperate to join hands with the BJP. Voices of dissonance can also be heard in UP and Bihar. Even Shashi Tharoor, who would leave no stone unturned when it came to criticizing Modi, has also had a change of heart and is among the new fans of Modi. Sources reveal that he has even asked for time to meet Modi, and the Congress people are talking in whispers about it, wondering how Tharoor can be ready to join hands with one who had called his wife (late) Sunanda a Rs 50-crore girlfriend? On the other hand, sources close to the BJP say that Shashi Tharoor has unlimited possibilities with the BJP; the party is ready to make him the face for South India. It doesn’t even matter if he has to relinquish his Lok Sabha seat; the party may include him in the Rajya Sabha and give a fitting reply to the Congress.

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