Sorry, No time for Nitish

January 24 2018

Who can worry about their allies more than the BJP? Speaking of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, basis an intelligence report the central government did grant him a Z-plus security, but there isn’t enough scope in BJP chief Amit Shah’s schedule book to spare any time for the CM. Trusted sources suggest that ever since Lalu Yadav landed behind the bars, Nitish Kumar has been seeking a meeting with the Saffron leader Amit Shah to finalise the strategies of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and draw agreements on the electoral seat distribution between BJP and JDU in Bihar. But in the state of affairs, the BJP ‘Chanakya’ was so busy that Nitish received a message from his office asking him to meet Ram Lal and hold discussions. Following this when Nitish’s office contacted Ram Lal, they were informed that the latter is set to visit Patna one of these days but on a very packed schedule. To this Nitish invited Ram Lal over for lunch at the CM house where the two can simultaneously talk over the strategies. But Ram Lal declined the invite, too, and instead offered to spare some time for Nitish at the airport. Nitish replied that there is no haste; he will see him in Delhi.

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