Sonia’s gift to Rajni

March 19 2018

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Rajni Patil was jamming in the Central Hall when she was informed that Sonia Gandhi wanted to see her. Rajni felt as if it was her lottery to the Rajya Sabha. She quickly rushed to Sonia’s office in the Parliament. She was in such a hurry that she even left behind her purse in the Central Hall itself.
When Rajni entered Sonia’s office, Sonia was about to leave for her home. Seeing Rajni, Sonia said, “Let’s go home. We can talk on the way, and have tea at home.”
Rajni then hopped into Sonia’s car and reached 10 Janpath. The discussions on the way were nothing major but just general political issues. When Rajni was preparing to take a leave after the tea, Sonia asked, “Where will you go from here?” Rajni told that she would first head to the Parliament House, since she left her purse in the Central Hall due to all the haste. From there, she will take a Parliamentary bus to go to the house, which costs only Rs 20/-. Sonia found it very nice that even today there are MPs who keep it simple.
Then Sonia put her hand in her purse where only Rs 120/- were present. She handed that amount to Rajni and Rajni kept it securely with her as a prised possession.

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