Sonia-Rahul not see eye to eye?

August 10 2014

It is probably for the first time that differences between the mother and the son regarding the party and how it should function are coming to the fore. Sources reveal that Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi herself wants major changes in the All India Congress Committee and election committees in a big way. On the other hand, Rahul is not in favour of seeing those who he likes, go. For instance, Sonia wants Hemant Biswa Sarma to become the new Assam chief minister in place of Tarun Gogoi. Also, she wants to see Maharashtra’s state President Manik Rao Thackeray and the in-charge of Maharashtra Mohan Prakash go, but Rahul wants to maintain the status quo. While Sonia prefers politicians such as Mallikarjun Khadge, Rahul has a long list of those who lost the last election and who he wants to adjust in the organization, such as P C Chacko, Manik Tagore, Jitendra Singh, Ajay Maken and so on.

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