Sonia miffed with Sahara chief

March 02 2014

His altercation with Sonia Gandhi proved costly for Sahara chief Subrata Roy. The bugle for the Sonia versus Sahara battle blew when the patriotic Sahara chief said in 1999 press conference that “a woman owing her origins to a foreign country should not become the Prime Minister of this country,” which struck home Sonia, when the UPA was formulated in 2004, Sonia ‘briefed’ Chidambaram about two people, one being Narendra Modi and the second name was Subrata Roy. In UPA cabinet when Prem Gupta was held the portfolio of Company Affairs, he was assigned a work plan to shut the Sahara business, and how Chidambaram will present a government notification that its 100 per cent mandatory to allocate Sahara’s funds in the RBI bond. UPA government succeeded in its tactics whereas the difficulties kept escalating for Sahara. SEBI chairman UK Sinha’s appointment was with the same willingness, and was given a second-term as a return gift. So for the better days to come, the Sahara chief will have probably to wait for a new government. 

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