Sonia anxious for Pope’s blessing

February 08 2015

Italian Ambassador in India, Daniel Mancini was taken by surprise when he got an invite from 10 Janpath recently. During his last four years tenure in India, he had made considerable attempts to meet Sonia Gandhi, just to be told that he should rather speak to external minister. Mancini is due for his farewell on February 10th and he is going to his new appointment as High Commissioner of Holy See, Vatican. It is considered a prestigious appointment for those who have served in foreign services. Obviously, he was given grand welcome at 10 Janpath and sources reveal that Sonia was heard requesting him that next time whenever she is in Italy, she would like to visit and take blessings from Pope. Daniel gave his affirmation and assured her all arrangements will be made in this regard. Sonia is said to have confided in outgoing Ambassador to keep her visit secret, else BJP might create hue and cry over this. After meeting Sonia, Daniel has very well understood the reasons for not being allowed time to meet Sonia during his four-year tenure. The meeting between Ambassador and Sonia of Italian origin could have been politicized under the ongoing controversy over Italian marines.

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