Snoopgate at whose behest

January 05 2014

The political temperature in Delhi is shooting up. In his recent press conference, the prime minister has already shared his fears with the people of the country that if Modi comes, the country will reach the verge of destruction. This may be the echo of Congress’ fears about how important it is to limit Modi’s ambitions. So Snoopgate has emerged from the Congress’ Pandora’s Box and the formalities of having an investigative commission set up have been completed. The next natural question is who has done the tapping. The CD Cobra Post and Gulail have released show the conversation between G L Singhal and Amit Shah. Informed sources say that this tapping couldn’t have been done by Singhal since he has been in prison for a long time and if he had the tapes, he would have released the tapes a long time ago. And all that has been taped about Singhal don’t show him in a good light either. The third most important thing is that if Singhal had tapped the conversation, the girl’s conversations with “sahib” would have come to light, too. Informed sources claim that the government has given the shape to the phone tapping and it has been given away on Singhal’s behest.

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