Smriti’s Sad Memories

May 21 2018

The sudden divesting of motor-mouth, high profile Smriti Irani from the very prominent Information and Broadcasting Ministry, and clothing her barely with just the textile ministry has seen mountains of eyebrows raised due to this tectonic shift. Is her downscaling the result of her peremptory disclosure of Modi’s media muscling plans over ‘fake news’, or of her long and bitter battle with Prasar Bharati CEO Surya Prakash? Shastri Bhavan corridors are rife with whispers that her latest gaffe had been over inviting President Kovind to the ceremony for the annual National Films Awards. It is said that Irani had used the formal channels, as she should have, to formally write to the President, but she had the temerity of not personally and informally handing over that invitation to Kovind, which has been the norm over decades, and the prez, upset mightily, had made his ire known to the Prime Minister’s Office. This is perhaps why the President’s office decided to limit his presence to just one hour at the awards ceremony, which poured much oil into an already raging fire in the intellectual and film community, embarrassing the government to mightily.

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