Smriti’s forgetfulness

March 01 2016

Smriti Irani, who with her irrefutable arguments, emotional stance, aggressive behaviour, and disarming words unarmed the Opposition benches, is the new star of Modi durbar. Sources say some pandit has advised Irani to keep something red on herself before she leave home, or wear a red bindi at the very least, and her aura will go through a positive change. Armed with the glow of red, Irani has also emerged as a favourite with Sangh. Sources say Sangh’s BJP prabhari Krishna Gopal played a big role in preparing Irani’s speech and getting her the relevant documents about the JNU matter. Human resources minister has always been an important ministry for the Sangh. The reason is clear and the Opposition also knows that it is the education sector that can script future politics. Now if this gives rise to the claims of saffronisation of the education sector, it’s quite all right. After all, when did the UPA worry about it either?

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