Smriti’s fans

June 29 2014

smritiirani1--621x414All those who thought Smriti Irani, the youngest minister in the Modi government, playing on a weak wicket are speechless because of Irani’s political moves. When Irani first held the joint secretary-level meeting of her ministry, most IAS officers went with the opinion that they will have to make a presentation to one who has merely passed class 12 and so they were not worried at all. But the minute the meeting between the officers and Minister started, the officers were surprised to see the level of preparation by the minister. Irani’s self-confidence took them by surprise and one of the IAS officers came out and remarked to his colleague, “Hats off, man. So much self-confidence that all my education had to be put on the side. Today itself I am going to tell my daughter she should take personality development courses along with preparing for competitive exams.” Which means Smriti Irani has got a fan club in the new avatar

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