Smriti, self-absolving

September 18 2016

Smriti Irani, who ruled the small screen smoothly, has learnt the art of riding the political horse with great acumen, too. Having the courage to knock out her opponent in a moment, Smriti proved as much at a program held in Alwar in Rajasthan recently. She was invited to it as a chief guest, and for some reason, local BJP Parliamentarian Kantilal Bhuria’s name was missed out on the invitation card. Neither was Bhuria invited to the function. But he came for the program, caught hold of the mike and started talking against the organizers of the program, saying those who have joined the party recently didn’t even know how to follow the basic protocol and print the name of the local party Parliamentarian. Smriti was slated to speak next. She left everyone in rapt attention with her oratory skills. She said, “Kantilal ji is my elder brother. He said in his anger but he didn’t know I would speak after him. It is the brother who gives something to the sister on Raksha Bandhan, but her it is the brother who is asking for an invitation. According to the protocol, the local MP is to be merely informed. It is not written anywhere that he has to be invited at all costs. It is also not necessary that the local MP’s name be printed on every card.” Needless to say, this took the sheen off Bhuria ji’s face.

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