Skills of Skill Development Minister

October 17 2016

After Dussehra, PM asked the Ministry of Skill Development for a presentation. The PM wanted to know what work that has been completed in past two and a half years. PM’s order initiated the Ministry into action and they started sifting out the facts and figures. The officials were flummoxed to find out that all the plans and programmes were just on the paper and nothing has been implemented yet.
After deep analyses, the Ministry recognized 41 sectors where employment could be generated. But nothing substantial could be done in this regard. Significantly, 141 new ITI were to be opened. It was discovered that more than 4 lakh applications have arrived from one state. Under sectorial scheme corporate leader had been formulating schemes. However they found that not many applicants were fulfilling the the norms that have been to start an ITI. Indeed, the Ministry had to burn midnight oil to make the presentation.

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