Sisodia’s education reforms

July 12 2020

Delhi Government’s Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia has undertaken many innovative experiments in the past to improve the quality of Delhi’s government schools, and as a result, his efforts towards reforms in education have received many accolades. In this phase of lockdown, when all the schools and colleges are closed and all the public schools are making up for it through online classes, Sisodia has made more than 10 lakh phone calls through teachers of government schools in Delhi to find from the children if are keeping alright, and also find out how much study material has reached the children through WhatsApp. It was the learn that there are only 75 per cent children who are able to take advantage of this WhatsApp facilities, wherein the teachers are sharing worksheets to their students on their WhatsApp on a daily basis. For children or their parents who do not have a smartphone, teachers have been asked to share a printout of this worksheet. Different days have been set for the parents of the children according to the roll number for taking the worksheet.

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