Sinha’s ‘Sin’

July 10 2017

There has been a shake-up in the PMO, with Narendra Modi’s blue-eyed boy Manoj Sinha being given a ‘yellow card’ of sorts. Apparently, one of Sinha’s friends from his Benares Hindu University days had gone to meet him along with his son. The son reportedly wanted a job in telecom pretender Jio. On hearing his friend’s plea, Sinha took to the phone and directly called Jio boss Mukesh Ambani. But the birds and the bees in the PMO garden sang out and the word about this leaked like a sieve and the PMO was cross! This kind of direct call to an industrialist does not behove a minister, Sinha was told. “This is the third time you have directly called up an industrialist to seek a favour. There is a system how these things are done,” Sinha was chided. Now Sinha is in a fix. Earlier he had been given to understand that in the next ministerial turnaround, he would be made a Cabinet Minister with a plum ministry to boot. So now, is it the boot for Sinha?

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