Silence sprawled on 10 Janpath

October 26 2014

While on one hand on Saturday morning, Narendra Modi was busy meeting and greeting more than 500 journalists at the party’s central office, another bungalow at Lutyen’s Zone, 10 Janpath, wore a quiet and deserted look. Congress party President Sonia Gandhi’s body language showed that all is not well within the Congress. Amidst the hollering of “Priyanka lao, Congress bachao” (Get Priyanka, save Congress) in the party, Sonia is trying hard to listen to her inner voice and like a seasoned politician, she can read the writing on the wall, which says that the coming days may be difficult for Priyanka and especially her husband Robert Vadra. There are indications that a case may be registered against Robert Vadra in a land deal. Maybe it was this sense of the foreboding that Robert Vadra had made up his mind that he will take the NRI status and settle down in either Dubai or London. But Sonia has taken a tough stance against him and asked him to do nothing of the sort. That is because once he takes up the NRI status, the repercussions of the same will been across all government records, which might means a powerful tool might come in the hands of the BJP and the media. For now Robert has agreed to do what his mother-in-law has told him but has gone to Dubai for a few weeks, nevertheless.

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