Siddhu’s self-belief

March 22 2016

It’s not like things were any quieter in the BJP. It is said that to get an upset Navjot Siddhu back into the fold, the prime minister himself took the initiative and asked him to come for a meeting. Siddhu supporters say the PM not only assured Siddhu of a Rajya Sabha seat, but also promised him that he will be made a minister after the party wins. It is being said that Siddhu has announced among his followers that after his Rajya Sabha win, he will organize a rally in Amritsar in support of the BJP, and this will be attended by one lakh people. But when the list came the next day, Siddhu’s name wasn’t there. Sources say now Siddhu is telling his supporters that he has been promised a Rajya Sabha seat from the quota. As for the ministry, who knows it better than the top boss?

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