Siddhu introduces himself to Shah

July 24 2016

Navjot Singh Siddhu, who is an expert at funny one-liners and the world of cricket, didn’t understand saffron politics until the very end. Someone close to him says while giving him a Rajya Sabha seat, the BJP had assured Siddhu that he will be given independent charge and be made the minister of sports and youth, but that didn’t happen. The core committee formed for Punjab elections, of which Siddhu was made a member, never organized even one meeting. But many “Secret core group” meetings were held at Amit Shah’s residence, where Siddhu was not even invited! Sources say Siddhu had been asking for a meeting with BJP President Amit Shah for the past four months, but Shah was never available. Thus, when the list of BJ P candidates for Amritsar and Patiala was being finalized, Siddhu went and gave some names of people he favoured for the probably list to Ramlal. But it is said that the powers-that-be didn’t even take a glance at the list. Siddhu’ wife was in constant tough with AAP’s people. A hurt Siddhu, too, suddenly made up his mind to leave the party and give up the Rajya Sabha seat. Sources say Shah immediately called him up after his resignation, and told him to reconsider his decision. Siddhu was also told that in the coming few days, he will sit with Modi and find a solution to this. When Siddhu didn’t relent, Shah used his trump card and told him, “What about the case that has been slapped on you; there will be no help forthcoming on it.” Siddhu also behaved like he couldn’t care less and said, “You do what you can, and see if I care.”

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