Siddharamaiah’s coveted chair

August 14 2016

For the Congress, its Karnataka chief Siddharamaiah is nothing but a thorn in its side. Sources say the Congress covertly conducted a public opinion survey in Karantaka recently, which has added to the worry lines on the high command’s forehead. The survey results say if elections take place in Karnataka today, the Congress will not get more than 55 seats. After this, big Congress leaders from the Congress had a meeting in Delhi, which was attended by the likes of Siddharamaiah himself, as well as Mallikarjun Khadge and Veerappa Moily, and it was headed by Sonia Gandhi herself. It was decided in the meeting that Siddharamaiah will vacate his post for a Vokkalinga leader, under whom two Lingayat leaders will be made the deputy CM. In exchange, Siddharamaiah will be made the party’s national secretary, and contrary to tradition, will also be made Karanataka prabhari. Siddharamaiah didn’t say anything during the meeting. But sources say that when he came out of the meeting and sat in Khadge’s car, and allegedly told him, “The Congress may be running as blood in your veins, but that is not the case with me. That is because I have mostly done Congress-opposing politics. If justice is not done, the BJP will not be a stranger to me anymore. That party is even ready to make me a Cabinet minister.” A shocked Khadge reached home and quietly called up Sonia from a room, apprising her of Siddharamaiah’s intentions. He also said, “The only big state we have left is Karnataka. It will not be prudent to touch the bee’s hive right now.” Sonia agreed and Siddharamaiah’s post remained his.

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