Sibal’s problems mount

June 05 2016

Sensing the changing winds in UP, Kapil Sibal is embarrassed; he curses the day he chose UP over Uttarakhand on the advice of a Congress strategist. That is because Harish Rawat was adamant that only a local man be brought there. So Pradeep Tamta got lucky, and because Tamta is a Dalit, Rawat wants to cash in on it in the next elections. The Congress sent Sibal to UP hoping the SP will take care, but sources now reveal that SP supremo Mulayam himself has changed his views. Netaji is of the opinion that when Sibal was in power, he did not help Mulayam whole-heartedly in legal matters. On the other hand, people like Mukhtar Ansari have openly supported Sibal. Sibal is also hoping nine votes from Ajit Singh will be in his favour. He is speaking to Ajit several times a day, requesting and cajoling him. But it is believed Ajit has kept forward a strange request that only if SP MLAs support Sibal will his own MLAs go with him.

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