Shukla ji the great!

May 09 2015

He has his eyes on the political scene at all times – just like the archer Arjun, whose only focus was on the bird’s eye. There is something about Rajeev Shukla that his popularity quotient remains intact, no matter which party comes to power in the Centre. A few days ago, Shukla ji was seen playing the host to Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar in a special box during an IPL match between Delhi and Mumbai. Jaishankar’s presence was also significant for Shukla because the foreign secretary had just returned from the foreign tour to Germany, France and Canada with the Prime Minister. An industrialist was also present in the box, whom Shukla introduced to the foreign secretary. There was a time when Shukla was Shahrukh Khan’s brand ambassador. He has become close to Akshay Kumar ever since the Nizam in Delhi changed. Thus, during the same match, in the same box, Akshay Kumar was spotted on Shukla’s side. Catching every chance is something one should learn from Rajeev Shukla.

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