Shourie versus PM

May 07 2017

A powerful leader in the Modi ministry called up Arun Shourie recently, for the latter has been seriously annoyed with PM Narendra Modi. The caller said over the phone: “We need to meet you… we want to assuage your annoyance. Sources say that Shourie is very close to the mandarins of a top industrialist family in the country, and so is the caller and the family also felt that since this affinity is common, the two can meet and Shourie can be asked to stop his vitriolic attacks on the PM. So when the twain met, Mantriji asked Shourie why he was so upset with the boss. Shourie, sources tell us, said that just after the victory in the 2014 general elections, Modi had visited Shourie at his residence and told him: “You will have to shoulder a big responsibility in this government.” However, the media got wind of it and a pro-Congress news channel started flashing the ‘breaking news’: Arun Shourie to be the next Union finance minister!” But typically of Modi, soon after, he even refused to meet Shourie. Having heard the story, this minister, who is close to the RSS, met the PM and told him of Shourie’s ire. But, again, typically of Modi, instead of being sympathetic, the PM blasted the minister for ‘unnecessarily meddling in things’. Shourie got the message and told the minister: “Well, let the PM follow his dharma, and let me stick to my karma.”

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