‘Shotgun’ Shot Down

March 11 2017

There was a time when ‘Shotgun’, the shoot from the hip yesteryear film ‘villain’ Shatrughan Sinha was considered the diadem of BJP’s star campaigners. But in the changed scenario in the BJP, due to his brash statements, the top bosses of the party are upset with him. At the time when the poll campaign was at its peak in UP, a senior journalists with known BJP sympathies, actually asked s top party leader why Shotgun is not being brought in to campaign. The neta replied, with sarcasm clearly writ: “Heis our most expensive star campaigner, which is why the party does not like to deploy him. See, you send him to campaign somewhere, and he does not get up from bed before 11 i the morning. Then he gets ready by around one or two in the afternoon and sends his demand for a chopper or a plane. He addresses a maximum of two rallies in the day and then retires for the day, and that too, in some Five Star hotel or the other. Even our two topmost leaders do not make such heavy demands!”

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