Shot Gun and his airs

April 08 2016

At the BJP’s National Working Committee meeting last week, nearly all speakers sang paeans to Narendra Modi. In Modi’s presence, Central Minister Venkaiah Naidu took the praise for the prime minister to the next level and gave an emotional speech. He called Modi a messiah who is committed to take the country that is plunged in darkness towards light. The speech got a thunderous applause. In such a scenario, the presence of Shatrughan Sinha, who has been speaking against Modi, was rather surprising. But Shot Gun was his usual self, full of airs, and had come much before the meeting started. He was seen meeting BJP leaders with great informality. However, scared of the top BJP leaders, several were seen trying to evade him, and he was heard saying to several that he will catch up with them during the dinner session.

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