Shivpal’s Tandav

March 06 2017

Mulayam Singh’s dearest brother Shivpal Yadav has played the havoc, scuttlebutt has it. It is said that in more than two dozen Yadav-dominated seats, Shivpal has tried to subvert Akhilesh’s men’s chances. This was disclosed to Akhilesh by his state intelligence agencies, who said Shivpal has, in these seats, tried to bolster the chances of either BJP or BSP candidates. Sources say that this chasm between the uncle and nephew Akhilesh started the day when per force, Shivpal had to bow down to Akhilesh being the national party chief and the election mascot for the UP polls. Forced to lick his wounds, uncle Shivpal had to move to Akhilesh’s durbar to ask for the poll ticket from the Karhal seat in Mainpuri for his son Aditya, as well as the Jaswant Nagar seat poll ticket for himself. But the ever polite Akhilesh turned down the request. “Uncle, you know that we are giving one ticket to one person from any given family, so this cannot be done. Sorry!”
At which, Shivpal is said to have shot back: “Isn’t it the same party from which nine members of one single family were given tickets in the last elections!” But Akhilesh wouldn’t budge.
So Shivpal stomped out of the room and convened a meeting of his trusted lieutenants and swore them to ensure that Akhilesh does not come back as the CM this time around!

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