Shifty BJP in UP

December 05 2016

Uncertainty due to demonetization has gripped Uttar Pradesh ahead of next year’s Assembly polls, in which the BJP had a clear edge till a few months back. Team Amit Shah is now forced to keep changing its tactical positions and newer plans are surfacing each passing day. One of the big plans of Shah was to cull the opponent parties and bring their senior leaders into the BJP’s fold, in which they seem to have tasted some success. At this point in time the BJP considers Bahujan Samaj Party as its main threat in the state. Naturally, it is aiming to cajole the BSP leaders to cross over. In fact the BJP did not even spare an attempt to ‘Behenji’ Mayawati’s main political brain Satish Mishra. The effort failed because Mishra’s daughter had already been dispatched to join the BJP earlier, a master stroke that could see a grand finale.

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