Sheila’s Coffee with Naidu

May 07 2017

Former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit and her son Sandeep Dikshit are now seriously peeved with the Congress, rumour-mongers allege. A senior BJP leader is known to be an old pal of Sandeep’s. To test the waters, he called up the Congress Young Turk over the phone and said, “Hi, long time we haven’t met, so why not have a cup of coffee together one of these days? Your place or mine?” Without putting too fine a point on etiquette, Sandeep, who realised the gambit said: “Of course, we can have coffee together. It is also a fact that I am upset with my party. But there is no question of me leaving the Congress.” So the day for coffee meet was decided and the BJP leader went to meet Sandeep at the latter’s residence at the appointed hour. To his utter surprise, though, he found his party’s top leader Venkaiah Naidu, sipping the coffee with Sheela Dikshit!

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