Sharma ji isn’t complaining

November 25 2014

The Congress wanted to celebrate Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s 125th birthday with such pomp and show that its echoes be heard in the saffron camp, too. The responsibility to see it done fell on Anand Sharma, a favourite of 10, Janpath. He had claimed in Sonia durbar that he had personal relations with several international statespeople. As a result, it fell upon him to send invitations to all important heads of different countries. If we leave aside heads of a few small countries, no big international personality was seen attending the event. Anand Sharma shouldered the sole responsibility of organising the event. He didn’t take the pains to include any other Congress person in his team. Sharma wanted all the praise and compliments from Sonia to go to him. But where would the praise come from when the show was not a hit? Now Sharma is busy telling Sonia that it was Modi who didn’t want prominent heads of the countries to attend the event. The reality, however, is that Sharma’s reach was only till a few African countries and Karzai, who attended the event. But their coming didn’t gather enough headlines.

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