Shakuni, who?

May 11 2016

Thumbing his nose at several prominent saffron party leaders, ever since Subramaniam Swamy has made it to the Upper House, the political winds seem to be changing. From the ruling to the Opposition parties, everyone’s attitude towards Swamy is one of “Handle with care”. For instance, a few days ago when Swamy was present in the Upper House, Congress heavyweight Jairam Ramesh happened to come face to face with him. Ramesh jokingly asked Dr Swamy, “Apart from our party people, who else is on your hit list?” Dr Swamy’s reply was worth listening to. Sources say that Swamy, very candidly, said, “Your party’s leader is number two on my list. But number one is my own party’s Shakuni, who has betrayed the party, and has favoured and helped your party time and again. I am here to teach him a lesson.” Swamy’s reply meant an uncomfortable silence all around.

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