Shakti from bhakti

June 05 2016

Hooda talked about his plight when he met Sonia, and said that the state’s jats were still with the Congress and Hooda. Why was it then that the party was running after non-Jats. There’s BJP for non-jat voters! Sonia told him Chautala’s RLD had the same influence over jats. She then asked him to come to point and tell her what he wants. Hooda said he wanted his son Deependra Hooda to get a prominent responsibility the next time there is a reshuffle in the Congress. To this Sonia said she had got several complaints about his son’s ill temper. To this Hooda told her the same was being said about Rahul Gandhi and that she shouldn’t listen to what people say. After all, talking is what people do. Hooda got a tad emotional thereafter and apologized for anything he shouldn’t have said. He said all that he’s done for the Gandhi family will always stay in his heart, and no one will come to know of it, even if that meant going to prison. Sonia didn’t understand what it meant – was Hooda taunting her, expressing his angst, or threatening her.

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