Shah’s Tasteless Lunch

February 12 2017

Seeing the anti-BJP sullen faces of Jat voters in UP, the party’s top Jat leader Chaudhry Birendera Singh, who is an also-ran minister in the Modi government, summoned the top Jat leaders of the state to his residence for a ‘navigational’ meeting. It was supposed to be a crucial meeting just ahead of western UP’s Jat-belt polls, and another also-ran Modi minister, Jat leader Sanjeev Balyan was equally involved in organising the gathering. Birds in ‘poliwood’ coo that it was party President Amit Shah who had asked the meeting to be organised and suggested that at least 150 UP Jat leaders should be present. But when Shah reached ‘pehlwan’ Singh’s home, he was shocked to see around 1,200 Jat leaders there. What should have been a delight to any other leader, however, rubbed the chip off Shah’s arrogant shoulders. He sternly said he had wanted a think-tank of a small number of leaders, and did not come there to address a ‘public rally’. However, once he recovered his senses, he sat down and asked the gathering why the Jats were cheesed off with the saffron brigade. At which one Jat leader said: “You have given insignificant ministries to both our leaders, Chaudhry Saab and Balyan Saab. The community is hurt with that.” Suddenly, the game of his own Jat leaders became clearer to Shah. Obviously, the responses had been orchestrated. And at that very moment, another young Jat leader tested Shah’s temper. “Our younger Chaudhry Jayant had gone to meet you, but you made him wait for one and half hours.” Shah shot back: “He is not important to me.” And pat came the response: “Well, well… time will tell who is important to whom!” And such vitriol spewed into Shah’s platter even when he sat down for lunch. Soon, the food tasted foul.

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