Shah’s evening snack with hot tea

November 13 2016

The BJP president who firmly believes in keeping distance from media and journalist invited a few journalist at 3 pm in BJP head office for tea and samosa. However he was cautious enough and made journalists to keep their mobile outside his office, lest somebody tapes his off the record briefing. Modi had apparently given Shah the responsibility to remove people’s doubts regarding demonetization. One of the journalists raised a piquant question that with this step of PM the core vote bank of BJP seems to be in lurch. Obtrusively, small scale businessmen are quite annoyed with this move. Shah made it clear that government has no intention to bother them about Income tax. The common man will face no trouble as they can deposit up to Rs 2.5 lakh in their accounts and income tax department won’t slap a notice. A journalist raised a question, ‘Will Modi government pace up the income tax raid after Uttar Pradesh election?” Shah replied- “Why don’t you see that without any electoral reform such huge reform took place”. A journalist asked, “But Rahul Gandhi is critcising this move by government”. Shah replied, “Give him an injection of understanding” The informal talk was about to end when a media person asked-“When did you get information of this move of government? Shah replied that he was in flight and came to know after almost half an hour.

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