Shahrukh’s turnaround

February 08 2014

This story begins about three years ago, when Shahrukh Khan and Arjun Rampal were the best of friends. Shahrukh has friends in abundance in the Congress. Several of his friends are even a part of Manmohan Singh’s government. So, he spoke to one of his politician friends and got Rampal a discotheque in a five-star hotel on a monthly lease of Rs 30 lakh. Rampal was the face of the business and Shahrukh was a silent partner. Despite a lot of song and dance, business remained lukewarm. ITDC, which runs the hotel, kept asking for the lease-rent and Arjun kept defaulting on the payment. When Shahrukh saw the business sinking, he distanced himself from it. In three years, Rampal owned company now owes about Rs 4.5 crore. So when the ITDC asked him for clear the dues again, Rampal approached the court for waiving off the payment. The court gave him a dressing down and asked him to deposit Rs 1.5 crore immediately. While Arjun has made that payment, he is looking at ways to claim bankruptcy to get out of the Rs three crore payment. A friend of Bollywood’s richest man coming to this?


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