Shah reaches out to god

August 30 2015

Once bitten, twice shy. Amit Shah does not want to repeat the Delhi elections mistake in Bihar Assembly elections. So this time, along with the party and Sangh cadre, he wants to keep god in confidence, too. So since August 15, he is spending all his time in temples, prayers and rituals. For instance, on August 19, Shah was in Nasik, where he took part in the Kumbh’s flag unfurling ceremony, and reached the special city of Tribhank for it. He also took part in the special prayers (pratima pratishtha) at the Gorakhnath Temple. After this, on August 25, he was seen at a special pooja organized at the Nataraj Temple in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. He was later seen at Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. In the days to come, Shah plans to visit other prominent temples.

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